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We Belong at Rygor

We’re proud for our team to be their whole selves, each and every day. This is a core part of our company values of being Rewarding, Reliable and Respectful.

We are consciously committed to encouraging our incredible team members to be their whole and true selves at Rygor Group every day and month of the year. We will therefore share educational resources through our award-winning wellness programme, share our team’s stories and crucially be respectful, curious and kind towards what makes each of us unique individuals, who come together as one of the very best teams in the automotive industry.

In 2023, Rygor Group started a new DEI&B (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) five-year strategy, and supporting and celebrating our LGBTQIA+ colleagues is a core pillar of this. In addition, we are focusing on Women in the Automotive sector and Disability. This does not mean that we will be ignoring any other element of DEI&B, but we are conscious that we need to focus on specific areas at a time, to ensure we can make a meaningful impact. We’re in the early stages of this strategy and most importantly, we believe engaging with our team is essential. This is why we have set up a working group for each of these initial three topics within DEI&B, to allow for true employee voice as we drive these important initiatives forward, together.

At Rygor Group we have created a dedicated resource and education page on our HUB, have DEI eLearnings for all employees, have updated our DEI&B policies and have given our team the opportunities to add pronouns to their email footers. And we are not planning to stop here. We will continue to work with our incredible team members to understand what is truly important to them and understand what we can do to really make a difference in their working lives.

We are also extremely proud to have an award-winning wellness programme at Rygor Group, having been named as a UK Best Workplace for Wellbeing in 2023 as well as a UK Best Workplace (large companies). However, a significant part of our individual and collective wellbeing is about belonging. It’s the B at the end of DEI&B which can often get forgotten.

This is why we are updating the name of Rygor Group’s wellness programme from #RygorWellness to Rygor Belonging, to reflect what it really means to consider our overall wellness, embracing our whole selves and what the initiative truly aims to achieve.


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