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Tax Strategy


This tax strategy applies to Rygor Auto Group and its subsidiary undertakings, Rygor Group Limited and Rygor Commercials limited. The Group is predominantly a Mercedes-Benz Van and Truck dealership operating out of 16 locations in England and Wales. The Group contributes both direct and indirect taxes including corporation tax, PAYE income tax, national insurance and VAT.

At Rygor Group we have adopted a responsible and low-risk approach to meeting our tax obligations, ensuring we pay the correct amount of tax in accordance with United Kingdom tax law.

The Board of Directors of the Group is ultimately responsible for the tax strategy of Rygor Group. The Finance Directors take ownership of the Group’s tax operations along with all associated risk and detailed analysis and preparation of the tax returns.

Our tax policy principles

The principles which govern our approach to our taxation responsibilities are as follows:

  • We pay the correct amount of taxation in accordance with UK tax legislation
  • We claim the correct allowances, deductions and reliefs in the manner they were intended
  • We consider taxation when making business decisions, but taxation does not drive our decisions
  • We have an open and transparent relationship with HMRC
  • Management of our tax affairs

There is no dedicated tax team at Rygor. We use regional professional service companies to assist the Group in managing its tax affairs.

Working with HMRC

We are open and transparent in our interaction with HMRC and adopt a collaborative approach to all dealings with HMRC.

If there is any uncertainty in tax matters, we will actively engage with HMRC to achieve an acceptable solution.

Tim Smith

Senior Accounting Officer

22nd September 2023

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